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The industry-preferred solution

Mindworking's Sales and Marketing System is the industry favourite. Thousands of users use it every day for commission sale agreements, pricing, marketing and sales management of their customers' properties.


We are represented throughout Scandinavia and the UK. We started in 2002, and now supply over 90% of estate agents in Denmark alone. Some agents have tried other vendors over the years, and have returned to Mindworking, because they found that we share their passion for their business.


The market's best sales tool on your iPad

The iPad sales app ensures that you have all the relevant data at your fingertips.
It keeps you updated and prepared - always. Even when you are on commission, showing potential buyers a property or taking calls in your car.

Updated overview - always

Our app gives you direct access to all your properties logged in the system, including financial and technical documentation, activities, reference properties etc.

Show the vendor what you can do

You can show a vendor all your presentations, sales plans and marketing products on-screen.

Realistic price dialogue

It also provides you with the latest market data, enabling you to visually reinforce your sales valuation to the vendor. You can select reference properties and make price comparisons prior to a commission sale meeting, and then use the facts to enter into a realistic price dialogue with the vendor.

Professional marketing - simple and easy!

Produce your own graphic materials

We have created a user-friendly system to enable you to produce and distribute professional marketing materials for print and web. The system also acts as an information portal, giving you the complete sales overview.

Production and distribution

It helps you with planning and layout, and sends the material direct to newspapers, printers or a website.

You decide appearance and what you can produce in the system - e.g. flyers, adverts, brochures, window displays, posters, business cards and website materials. 

Information portal

The system acts as central location for marketing and case data, finances, documents and activities - information you can share on your website, iPad and iPhone.

Eye-catching property presentations

A feature of your sales and marketing system can include digital property presentations on TV screens on your own premises and/or other venues of your choosing. Screen content can be centrally controlled from the system by you.

Part of your marketing package

Digital property presentation can be sold in as part of your overall marketing package.

Extraordinary presentations

Another option is being able to offer extra exposure in the form of an exclusive presentation of selected properties.

Advertising spots

You decide what will be shown on-screen - advertising spots which can bring in extra revenue.

Keep contact with your customers

We have produced an app for your iPhone, which makes following-up easy and straightforward. The app gives you all your practical property and customer details at your fingertips, to enable you to quickly contact the vendor and potential customers.

Updated details - always

Your Mindworking iPhone app provides fast access to all your property data in the system.

Contact details for vendor and buyer

All the details you have logged on vendor and potential buyers in the sales and marketing system are automatically transferred to your iPhone.

Synchronised notes function

Any notes you enter on your phone during a valuation or when showing potential buyers around a property are logged under the relevant property in the system.

Mindworking brings cohesion